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Time of Rising

World Destruction & New BeginningEdit

The world was first peaceful and orderly, with bending not being a major part of life and people existed within the safety of Lion Turtles. Overtime, the age of crisis began nearing more and more. There was first the existence of the Avatar, a person who could bend all four elements in order to protect the world and keep it in balance. The Avatar also served as the bridge between the Spirit World, the domain of spirits, and the physical world, where all humans lived. 

The age of bending later began and nearly all people could bend a single element. This continued for some thousand years. Once the world began shifting into a modern one utilizing technology, cities, and medicine, the state of the world became ever so detached from what it was previously. People wanted power and gold, land and reputation. They would also do anything for it. Near the ending of Avatar Korra's lifetime, a massive war sprung into play from a new rebellion force. 

This war was called Black Dawn, it was an event that the human race and spirits alike have never witnessed before. Genocide, mass destruction, pointless killing, and more became common. Leaders of the rebellion force used an ideology that stated no major power should be held above one person only and that the power should be equally divided across the world. The ideology was basic and hard-headed, similar to the people who believed in it. 

Despite the Spirit World and Physical World both being connected at the time, the humans still had little knowledge of the spirits especially when dealing with the potential of their power. Moro, the spirit of destruction and judgement returned from his endless age of rest to judge the current state of the world. He was disgusted with what the world became and decided the only course of action was to be total obliteration. He'd wipe away the stains of this land and begin anew. And that, he did. Moro unleashed a god-like technique which he called to be World's Division. Said to be so powerful, it would make the Earth engulf itself and recreate until a new world is formed.

By Moro's words, "This world needs more than just a guide. I'll leave the power of what they called Avatar to be found by someone who is truly worthy of the title. I see now that power cannot be given to only one. I shall distribute my power in physical embodiments, relics. Scattered across the world, they will be feared and loved, balance. Now, I will sleep once more." 

Arrival of HumansEdit

Moro reformed the world and then, nearly no traces of the past were left at all except for a few left spared by him. A new began. Along with this, Moro left great beast hidden far in the lands to guard his powerful relics. Never wanting to see the filth of the humans again, he disconnected the Spirit World from the Physical World. At this point, there was a new land to explore. Moro, giving one last thing to these new humans, would leave three of his tablets. Moro's Tablets would explain the fact that a new world was made by himself and mentioned the power of the Relics as well as the avatar. There were 3 tablets in total spread evenly apart and put in obvious locations for humans to find. But humans had yet to arrive. Until some began appearing in the heart of the island Adamin.  

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