So it's a pretty expansive but rather quick story. At least, I'll make it that way. I'm Lyoid/Spencer/Toua, the creator of Avatar RP. Now I didn't know that complex RP sites like these existed until I stumbled across my first and favorite Naruto RP site. Link:

After playing there for quite a while with one my best friends, Chronos/Hysoka, we'd die from time to time going from character to character and so forth until we thought of all the ways we could make the Naruto RP better which were many. All in all, the reason the Naruto RP wasn't so great in terms of functionality was because the RP started with no skeleton or ways to go by from any existing RP that I knew of. And with a world like Naruto, you can bet that many loopholes and problems came about from things like reviving characters long after they're dead and having someone need to play them or the Kurama clan, which was a clan of amazing genjutsu or illusion technique users. However, they had the ability to make their genjutsu come to life and actually happen.

Hysoka and I both liked Avatar the Last Airbender since our childhoods and he wasn't much older than me so we saw it at around the same age. Needless to say, I decided Avatar would be a great setting for an RP based off what I saw in the show. (Watched ATLA and Legend of Korra)

It had an easy concept, bending, that had only four real core parts to it but it they were universal enough to make every single character different if they wanted to be. I had always imagined the crazy things benders could do if they really wished to when watching the show.

So I began looking for some more flaws within Naruto RP to see what I could fix or add to my liking. Often, Hysoka and I felt off knowing we were just in a village, we wanted to know where exactly the village was as if on a grid and where within the village we were at any given time. We also wanted more organization for the rules.

Naturally, it was obvious that the Naruto RP had gone through much revision pain. Trying to avoid this, Chronos and I would base the system closely off that of the Naruto RP.

So, thanks to all those who ever worked or changed things in Naruto RP! And the people who gave me input on making the site. Notably, Koz is one.

After revising a few things of our own that would have nearly koed our ability to make the RP quickly, we finally got around to making it and then it just picked up from there.

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